Toy Fest West – March 8-10

Diverse Marketing Space

“Our customers love these! They talk about how nice it is to be looking at each other instead of their phones.”

ACE Hardware Spring Show – March 13-14 – Chicago

ASTRA Marketplace – June 7-10 – Orlando

“We’re finding that Moms are REALLY longing for games like this that let kids play with each other, where they’re entertained while they laugh and learn.”

Dallas Gift Show – June 24-29

Diverse Marketing Showroom, WTC 4th Floor

Atlanta Gift Show – July 14-20

Diverse Marketing Showroom, Bldg 2, 14th floor

Las Vegas Gift Show – July 24-29

Diverse Marketing Showroom C1079

“WordTeasers has such a wide selection, there’s a game that appeals to pretty much anybody who comes into our stores.”